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Why Join Us?

  • We have been teaching Children of the Midlands Karate for over 17 years.​

  • We are one of the only Karate schools that teaches Stranger Danger.

  • Genova Family Karate is family owned and operated.

  • We strive to teach your children not only karate techniques, but also the values of listening, good manners, and paying attention.

  • Karate will contribute to other sports, assisting in hand and eye coordination, strength, and cardio. 

  • Karate shows commitment, Genova Family Karate has over 100 Black Belts graduate from a four-year university. 

  • You can list a Black Belt degree on your resume, it shows the possible employer you are dedicated. 

Karate Classes, White Belt, Kids, Girl, Self-defence, confidence

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Seventeen years teaching American children, American values 

karate classes, fun,  Belt test. listening skills, team work

Love this place!  My kids (4 and 7) have learned so much this past year. It's really been great for their coordination, strength, and confidence. David and Julie are the BEST!



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