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David & Julie Hoover 

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Genova Family Karate of Lexington opened its doors on June 3, 2002. Owned and operated by David Hoover and his family, we specialize in teaching skills that help our students with family, friends and school and will continue to benefit them into their work life.

We have had over 100 students of all ages achieve Black Belt level and that number continues to grow.  All of our students are learning the focus and commitment needed to excel in academics, sports or in the workplace.  Over two thirds of our students are on the honor roll. A large number of our Black Belts have received scholarships to colleges and universities.  This is greatly due to the commitment and focus required to achieve the black belt level.
We encourage our teenage and adult Black Belts to assist in instructing classes.  This promotes a new level of understanding on our student's perspective such as teaching and coaching others this can help them advance in many aspects of their professions. 



Mike Genova has been teaching karate in the Columbia area since 1975. He started on Rosewood Dr. and has since moved to Northeast Columbia near Pontiac Elementary School.

In the early years most of the focus was on fighting and competition training.  Mike is friends with top fighters such as Chuck Norris and Bill Wallace.  He has since adapted his curriculum to suit the necessities of society.  His focus has shifted to developing strong character, sensible morals and clear personal goals in his students.

David Hoover and his family own the only other karate school that bears the Genova Name.  Genova Family Karate of Lexington was opened in June of 2002 near downtown Lexington.  The school has since been moved to Hwy 378 W, right next to The Academy Center for Dance.    
David and Mike have had a close relationship for 17 years and continue to develop their teachings to help families throughout the Columbia/Lexington area.  We strive to teach your children not only karate techniques, but also the values of listening, good manners, and paying attention. 

Please bring your family to join our family! 

Love this place!  My kids (4 and 7) have learned so much this past year. It's really been great for their coordination, strength, and confidence. David and Julie are the BEST!



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